Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GTI Stage???

A couple weekends back I had some work done on my GTI. Matt at Swift Motorsports helped me get Revo software installed, along with Neuspeed P-Flow Cold Air Intake and Forge Diverter Valve with Blow-off/atmospheric spacer.

Before the modification, the GTI was spirited and already fun to drive. Only real complaint was that at low RPMs (everyday driving between 1500-3000rpms) the response was a little sluggish compared to what it was capable of on the highway.

Total install for all parts including retuning of the ECU took about 3 hours. After installation Matt presented me with a Dyno showing me the baseline HP and Torque compared to the stock Revo software as well as their resulting custom tune. The 2.0T engine is rated by VW at 200hp which we will assume is bhp. Actual whp rating was 180 or so stock, this went up to 209whp with the inclusion of the parts added above and with the custom tune. A rough ballpark estimation would put it around ~230bhp. The torque went from 170-180 ft/lbs to around 275 ft/lbs.
Comparing the stock diverter valve to the Forge replacement is night and day. The stock valve is made of underwhelming plastic with a thin rubber diaphram. Assuredly, the stock valve would expire much more quickly with the increased boost pressure from the Revo software. The replacement by Forge is made from aluminum with o-rings and over-built to withstand the higher boost pressure. Driving home the first thing I noticed was the almost immediate throttle response at low RPMs. Matt said that for the custom tune, they were able to provide a lot more HP at lower RPMs than stock and it felt like it. The P-Flow intake was instantly recognizable as you step on the gas the air rushes in like the engine is breathing (well it is!). The next thing was the Blow-off valve, when letting off the gas, the pressure released emits a "pssshh" which never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Considering the gains in HP and Torque, the cost and time to install I wouldn't hesitate recommending any of the parts or Swift Motorsports for any upgrades for your vehicle. Matt was helpful and eager to explain the modifications as well as explain the Dyno chart for someone new as myself to the upgrade dept. I recall initially going on the GTI test drive and the first time I accelerated it brought a sh!t eating grin to my face. These mods up that and make me feel like that each time I step on the gas.

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